• Global IoT Cellular Application Tracker - Industrial Machine
  • Dec 28, 2018

The report provides the forecast for IoT application in the Industrial machine industry, primarily focusing on Industrial Robotics and Factory Automation. The arrival of Industry 4.0 has made global Industrial machine firms to readily adopt IoT applications to enhance machine efficiency, production optimization, and predictive machine maintenance. Remote machine monitoring and control will get easier with the introduction of 5G connectivity which will make the remote factories more feasible by lowering down setup and operating cost. The report lists the companies which are expected the lead the cellular connected industrial machine sector through 2018-2025.

Table of Contents:
IoT Industrial Machine Shipment (in Million)
IoT Industrial Machine Revenue (in USD Million)
IoT Industrial Machine ASP (in USD)
IoT Industrial Machine Shipment by Technology (In Million)
Author: Prachir Singh
Published Date: December 2018

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  • Global Cellular IoT Application Tracker_Industrial_Machines_2018-2025.xlsx

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