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Google: A Promising Cloud-to-Chip IoT Edge Offering

Oct 29, 2018 |


The two big cloud giants Amazon and Microsoft have made their edge solutions generally available in June 2017 and June 2018 respectively. With the change in leadership in 2016, Google started to strengthen their Cloud Platform offerings, more mergers and acquisitions to fill the gaps and focus on attracting more of enterprise customers. Finally, in 2018, Google forayed into the edge computing realm with Cloud IoT Edge (software stack) and Edge TPU (hardware chip), which aims to integrate tightly with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Table of Contents:

  • Cloud Software Platforms Rapidly Developing Edge Capabilities
  • Cloud IoT Edge & Edge TPU Extend Intelligence at Edge
  • TensorFlow Lite Enables ML inferences on Mobile & IoT Devices
  • Google’s Specialized Hardware – Edge TPU for AI at Edge
  • Edge TPU Accelerator for Low-Power IoT Solutions
  • Growing Partners across Value Chain
  • Smart Parking: Edge Enhances the UX of Smart Products
  • LG CNS: Anomaly Detection at Higher Speed & Accuracy
  • Key Takeaways

Number of Pages: 11
Author: Falguni Shah
Published Date: October 2018


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