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  • FogHorn: Innovative Edge- First Platform for Industrial IoT
  • Sep 30, 2018


Many big leading cloud and analytics companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, PTC Thingworx, GE, HP Enterprise, IBM and others provide comprehensive IoT platform-based solutions. As the need for edge computing grows, these vendors have integrated ‘edge analytics’ capabilities as an extension of their cloud IoT platform.

Foghorn is a fast-growing, start-up IoT software vendor that has designed and built the platform edge-first. This report analyzes FogHorn’s specialization in high-performance intelligent IoT edge computing, with a heavy focus on industrial and commercial IoT applications.

Table of Contents:

  • Need for Shift from Cloud to Edge Computing Grows
  • Edge Computing: Essential to Drive Intelligence at Edge
  • FogHorn Differentiators: 1. Small Footprint Intelligent Edge Platform
  • FogHorn Differentiators: 2. Edge-Optimized Expression Language
  • Growing Partner Roster Across the Value Chain
  • Key Takeaways

Number of Pages: 7
Author: Falguni Shah
Published Date: September 2018

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