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  • Global IoT Connectivity Landscape and Trends - 2018
  • Oct 4, 2018


This report analyses the IoT connectivity tech, application comparisons and competitive landscape, adoption trends and Future outlook. Moreover, the operator level analysis with LPWAN and 5G Deployment timeline.

Table of Contents:

  • IoT Overview
  • Comparisons IoT Connectivity Technologies
  • Competitive Landscape of Cellular IoT Connection
  • Cellular LPWA : NB-IoT Connectivity Technologies
  • Cellular LPWA : LTE-M Connectivity Technologies
  • Non-Cellular LPWA connectivity: LoRa, SigFox, Ingenu, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Cellular 5G IoT Connectivity Technologies
  • Competitive Landscape & Adoption Trends for LPWA
  • Competitive Landscape & Adoption Trends for IoT Application
  • Key Takeaways and Conclusion

Number of Pages: 58
Author: Satyajit Sinha
Published Date: October 2018

Attached Files

  • Global IoT Connectivity Landscape & Trends - 2018.pdf

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