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Microsoft extends Intelligence from Cloud to Edge with Microsoft Azure IoT Edge

Jul 23, 2018 |


As Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more prevalent, a swelling pool of data gets generated at the sensor and device level. There is an increasing need for real-time collection, processing and analysis of this data at the device or gateway level i.e. closer to the edge. This is Edge Computing & Analytics, which emulates the public cloud capabilities by bringing intelligence closer to the devices but with a smaller and agile footprint.

This report analyzes Microsoft’s Azure IoT Edge implementation and real-life case studies, highlighting why it is one of the most comprehensive and intelligent IoT edge solutions in the market specially catering to enterprises and different verticals.

Table of Contents

  • Need for Shift from Cloud to Edge Computing Grows
  • Edge Computing: Essential to Drive Intelligence at Edge
  • Amazon and Microsoft Lead with IoT Edge Offerings
  • Azure IoT Edge: Extends Analytics and Intelligence at Edge
  • Container Based Modular Design to Drive Scale
  • Growing Partners Ecosystem Across the Value Chain
  • Azure Sphere: Security from Hardware to the Cloud
  • Sandvik Coromant: Predictive Maintenance
  • Schneider Electric: Remote and Agile Monitoring
  • Key Takeaways

Author: Falguni Shah
Number of Pages: 13
Published Date: July 2018


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