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Ai-Link Vendor Profile

Mar 16, 2023 | Author : Soumen Mandal, Subhadip Roy, Hanumant Pawar


In this report, we deep-dive into Ai-Link’s strategy for its IoT module business, analyzing company shareholding and investment logic, relationship with supply chain ecosystem, R&D spending trend and production capacity. Additionally, this report provides a thorough understanding of the financial performance of each segment, as well as a detailed analysis of the cellular IoT module's performance. It also includes data on the company's key client revenue share and key supplier cost share over time.

Table of Contents:

  • Company Overview
  • Financial Performance
    • Ai-Link Performance
    • Ai-Link Revenue Share by Product Segment
    • Ai-Link Revenue Share by Region
  • Manufacturing and R&D
    • R&D Spending Trend
    • Ai-Link Production Capacity by Product Segment
    • Ai-Link Actual Production by Product Segment
  • Product Performance
    • Ai-Link Shipment by Product Segment
    • Ai-Link Cellular Module Shipment by Technology
    • Ai-Link Cellular Module Revenue by Technology
  • Ecosystem Partnerships
    • Key Ecosystem Partnerships with Chipset Vendors
    • Ai-Link Top 5 Client Revenue Share
    • Ai-Link Top 5 Supplier Cost Share

Number of Pages: 24

Published Date: March 2023


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