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How Tech Giants are Shaping the Metaverse

May 19, 2022 | Author : Wei Sun


Currently, Big Tech (Meta - formerly Facebook, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Apple and Tencent) is making the biggest impact in the Metaverse. This report examines a look at the main strategies of the top tech companies shaping the Metaverse and  predicts the future it will create.

  • Meta has shown to be the biggest marketer for the Metaverse.
  • Microsoft takes the most practical approach to build the “enterprise Metaverse” by pulling its existing solutions such as Mesh and Teams together.
  • NVIDIA has successfully rewritten its story from being a semiconductor firm to an AI leader with full hardware-software technology stacks. It is adopted a differentiated strategy towards metaverse.
  • Apple has been building the Metaverse substrate without directly addressing the term “Metaverse”. Apple’s VR/XR hardware could potentially dominate the Metaverse hardware market.
  • Tencent, with deep roots in gaming and Chinese social networks, is expected to build the Metaverse’s Chinese version and play it safe.

Table of Contents:

  • Key Planning Assumptions
  • Background        
  • Metaverse Contender Category      
  • Big Tech’s Definitions of Metaverse
  • Meta (Formerly Facebook): Biggest Marketer of Metaverse     
    • Core Metaverse Products and Solutions
    • Upcoming Products and Solutions         
    • Our Views on Meta    
  • Microsoft: Leading Enterprise Metaverse      
    • Core Metaverse Products and Solutions
    • Our Views on Microsoft           
  • NVIDIA: Highly Differentiated Metaverse Strategy      
    • Core Metaverse Products and Solutions
    • Our Views on NVIDIA
  • Apple: Front Runner in Metaverse  
    • Core Metaverse Products and Solutions
    • Upcoming Metaverse Products
    • Our Views on Apple   
  • Tencent: Building Chinese Version of Metaverse        
    • Core Metaverse Products and Solutions
    • Our Views on Tencent
  • Summary and Conclusions 

Number of Pages: 17

Published Date: May 2022


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