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2013Q3-2015Q2 - Vendor Analysis by model-Jefferies

Oct 12, 2015 |

Below are key highlights during the quarter:

  •          Global handset market reached roughly US$84 Billion in wholesale revenues up 12% annually during Q2 2015.
  •          Smartphones contribute close to 97% of the total handset market by revenue.
  •          Smartphone market reached roughly US$82 Billion in revenues up 14% annually due to healthy smartphone shipments growth (+13% YoY)
  •          Overall smartphone industry ASP increased (+1% YoY) during the quarter but declined 10% sequentially mainly due to decline in ASP of LTE devices from Chinese players and shipments within  flagship smartphone segment.
  •          Asia (including China) contributed to almost 48% of the global smartphone industry revenues and 53% of the global smartphone industry volumes.
  •          Apple maintained the lead over Samsung in Smartphone segment by Value and topped the list with roughly 38% share surpassing Samsung which captured 25% share.
  •          Samsung smartphone ASP declined 5% annually but increased 19% sequentially mainly due increased mix of Flagships. However shipments declined 11% sequentially and remained flat YoY.
  •          As a result of sequential increase in ASP, Samsung’s smartphone revenues were up by 6% QoQ.
  •          The top 5 OEMs captured close to three-fourths of the total industry smartphone revenues
  •          Meanwhile, Huawei revenue increased by almost 48% YoY due to record smartphone sales during Q2.Xiaomi captured close to 3.5% while LG captured 4% market share in terms of smartphone revenues during the Quarter.
  •          Leaving Samsung and Apple which contributed close to 64% market share by smartphone revenue during the quarter, all other brands worldwide have their smartphone revenue market share less than 5%.        


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