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Monthly Market Pulse - July 2018

Aug 26, 2018 |

Key Takeaways:

  • Sell in volume grew healthy annually. Chinese brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi and Oneplus are showing ambitious growth and stocking up the channels. Korea, Japan were back to positive MoM growth in sell through volumes. However, some European countries such as Germany, Spain, UK showed negative monthly growth. India showed healthy growth in sell through volume.
  • China handset market saw a dip monthly as well on an annual basis. However, some leading brands like Huawei did exceptionally well. USA handset market grew on a healthy rate over last month but remains down annually. Apple maintained its top position with iPhone X promotional push.
  • Monthly Research Topic: Qualcomm invited a select group of analysts to its San Diego headquarters to share its views on business developments, industry developments and strategy. Counterpoint Analysts participated in the event and expressed our views in this monthly report.

Table of Contents

  • Monthly Research Topic
    • Qualcomm: 2018 Summer Analyst Event
  • Global Market Status
    • Market Sizing – Demand & Supply / Price band
    • Market Share – Vendor / Price band
  • Major Country Landscape
    • US Market Landscape
    • China Market Landscape
    • India Market Landscape
  • Trends in Features and Specs
    • Hardware trends and feature adoption rates
    • Average feature sets
    • Vendor market share by feature set
  • Hit Model Analysis
Number of Pages: 57 (Full reports are available for clients at our portal)
Author: Counterpoint
Published Date: August 2018


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