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Monthly Market Pulse - August 2020

Oct 1, 2020 | Author : Karn Chauhan


  • Global sell through continued to recover in August, OEMs rush to fill any opportunities from Huawei bans
    • Global sell through increased 3% MoM to 136M units. China continues to recover. India and Latin America experienced good growth as demand recovers. Western Europe continues to show a strong recovery.
    • Sales during the month of June and August showed better growth than the same period last year. Smartphone sales are showing resilience and we have slightly increased our outlook for the smartphone market in 2020.
    • Global handset sell in was 144M as Chinese brands like Huawei actively shipped smartphones ahead of the sanctions as well as procure key components. Xiaomi and Oppo rushed to fill in any gaps Huawei may leave open.
  • Huawei losing ground in overseas markets
    • Apple declined 1.3% MoM driven by the decline in Europe and US. This is likely to continue in September in absence of new iPhones.
    • Samsung recovered in India & LATAM driven by new models – Note 20 and A-series. A-series 5G SKUs showing solid uptake in the US.
    • Huawei declined 6% MoM. It is losing ground in overseas markets, especially the EU. Huawei stands on a shaky ground even in its home market due to the absence of new launches
  • Ultra premium segment sees an increase
    • Ultra premium band bumped up driven by the new Galaxy Note 20 series launch. Pre-orders were at expectations and devices started reaching consumers in the last week of August. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra variant is doing better than lower-cost Note 20 variant during opening days of sales.
    • Slight weakness in $300-$600 price band as initial iPhone SE uptake started to cool down in the US. $600-$799 price band held its share driven by iPhone 11 promotions which helped maintain momentum. September is likely to remain weak for Apple due to pending Fall launches.

Table of Contents:

  • Key Takeaways
  • Global Mobile Handset Market Analysis
  • Country-Level Smartphone Market Analysis
  • Global Hardware Feature Analysis
  • Global Hit Model Analysis

Author: Karn Chauhan
Number of Pages: 41
Published Date: October 2020


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