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Monthly Market Pulse - February 2019

Mar 26, 2019 | Author : Counterpoint Research

Key Takeaways:

  • Global Sell-in and Sell-through Declines Further: Sell through was down. There was no exception this month. All regions and major countries saw a decline including Japan and Korea which usually show growth during the February season. But sell in was down even more, 12.5%. The one silver lining in the down market is that inventory situations are better for many brands.
  • Major Global and Chinese Brands Decline: All major global as well as Chinese HOVX brands registered a MoM decline during February. In China, factories remained shut due to the Chinese new year during start of the month. However, Huawei was the only major brand among global Top 5 OEMs which registered growth. It grew 28% YoY while all other major brands declined MoM as well as YoY.
  • Share of Ultra-Premium ($800+) Price Band Declines: Share of ultra-premium $800+ price band declined with dip in iPhone XS/XS Max due to seasonality. Premium buyers delayed their purchase in anticipation of 10th edition of Samsung Galaxy S10. $300-$599 price band remains battleground for HOVX brands in China. Huawei leads the pack among the four major brands in China and other countries.

Table of Contents:

  • Key Takeaways
  • Global Market Status
    • Market Sizing – Demand & Supply / Price band
    • Market Share – Vendor / Price band
  • Major Country Landscape
    • US Market Landscape
    • China Market Landscape
    • India Market Landscape
  • Trends in Features and Specs
    • Hardware trends and feature adoption rates
    • Average feature sets
    • Vendor market share by feature set
  • Hit Model Analysis
Number of Pages: 45
Author: Counterpoint
Published Date: March 2019

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