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  • Mobile Device Forecast - Q2 2013
  • Sep 1, 2013

Mobile Devices and Smartphone Forecast up to 2015

This report contains historic mobile device data up to the second quater of 2013. 
The data is extrapolated to produce a forecast up to the end of 2015.


<Table of Contents >

  1. Contents
  2. Market Outlook Pivot
  3. Global Handset Volume By Vendor 
  4. Region Handset Volume By Vendor 
  5. Global Handset Value By Vendor 
  6. Global Smartphone Volume By Vendor 
  7. Global Smartphone Volume By OS
  8. Region Smartphone Volume By Vendor
  9. Definitions
  10. Contacts

Attached Files

  • Outlook_Vendor Shipment Forecast_Q2_2013.xlsx

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