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Vendor Share Forecast 1Q 2015 – 4Q 2016

Apr 8, 2015 |

This report contains historic mobile device data up to the fourth quarter of 2014. The data is extrapolated to produce a forecast up to the end of 2016

Summey of the Report:

  • Apple and Samsung will continue to have a significant grip over the market but other regional and Chinese players will gain share – modestly at the aggregate global level but more significantly at the local country level.
  • Among operating systems Android will continue to be the leader but the percentage of pure GMS-based Android will come under increased pressure from players using forked versions Android. Keeping only the AOSP element and building their own mobile service layer on top. Cyanogen is the best example.
  • LTE will eventually surpass all other technologies in terms of shipments and will likely be bigger than CDMA+GSM+WCDMA+TD-SCDMA combined in CY 2016.
  • In terms of regional growth APAC excluding China and MEA will be the key as the smartphone war is shifting to these regions. 

Table of Content:

  • Background:
  • Analysis:
  • Vendor Share Dynamics 
  • Samsung – doing what it does best
  • Apple – iPhone 6 – hard to beat
  • Best of the rest
  • Competing Ecosystems
  • Technology
  • Regions
  • Bottom-line

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