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Market Monitor Quarterly Vendor By Air Interface Technology 2018Q3

Nov 17, 2018 |


  • Global mobile phone shipments reached 492 million units globally in Q3 2018 with a YoY growth of -3%.
  • Global smartphone shipments reached 380 million units in Q3 2018 with 5% annual decline. It can be attributed to a weakening demand in developed markets like China, USA and Western Europe which account for almost half of smartphone sales globally. The lack of meaningful innovation and improvement in smartphone build quality is leading to lengthening replacement cycles.
  • The decline in LTE smartphone growth was offset by the growth in 4G feature phones driven by Reliance JioPhone in India.
  • Reliance Jiophone grew 360% in Q3 2018, it also launched a follow-up the JioPhone 2 in the quarter.
  • LTE is the number one cellular access technology driven by entry to mid-level smartphones in emerging markets.
  • LTE has now replaced 3G smartphones even in sub $50 segment.
  • Almost 95% of the smartphones shipped globally now are LTE capable. With LTE now being a default technology in entry-level smartphones, we have witnessed the growth of VoLTE phones in sub $100 segment as operators are now offering VoLTE services in the emerging markets.

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Key Central & Latin America Countries
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Author: Shobhit Srivastava 
Date Published: November 2018

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