Quarterly Device Tracker Standard reports

  • MOBILE DEVICES MONITOR - Q1 2014 (Smartphone Value Share)
  • May 21, 2014
Market Monitor is one of the premier quarterly metrics tracker program in the technology market research industry.
This report is one of the series of reports which tracks mobile handset: smartphone & feature phone shipments every quarter for more than 65 brands covering more than 90% of the total device shipments in the industry. These shipments by handset types are tracked across global, regional and country-level.
The quarterly handset shipment tracking are based on expert Analyst estimates based on company reported data, company-surveys, secondary research, component industry checks and triangulation with our monthly model level sales database for handsets spanning across 33 countries globally.
This report compliments our main Monitor report. This provides the ASP and revenue of each smartphone and handset vendor during Q1 2014.
We define ASP (Average Sales Price) as the trade price or transfer price from vendors to distributors. It is sometimes called distributor or wholesale price which is different from retail price.
* Table of Contents
1. Pivot
1.1. Pivot Table for Volumes (Shipments)
1.2. Pivot Table for Value (ASP, Revenues)
1.3. Pivot Chart for Value (ASP, Revenues)
2. Tables
2.1. Global Handset Volumes, ASP & Revenues
2.2. Global Smartphones Volumes, ASP & Revenues
2.3. Global Feature Phone Volumes, ASP & Revenues

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