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Q2 2018 :: Global Handsets Shipments by Cellular Air-Interface Technology for 140+ Brands

Aug 13, 2018 |


• Global mobile phone shipments reached 474 million units globally in Q2 2018 with a YoY growth of 1% 
• Global smartphone shipments reached 363 million units in Q2 2018 with 1% annual decline due to a slow-down in developed markets where replacement cycles are lengthening with overall smartphone features and design reaching its peak.
• LTE remains the fastest growing segment as the total LTE capable smartphone shipments grew 11% YoY to reach 367 million units.
• LTE is the number one cellular access technology driven by entry to mid-level smartphones in emerging markets.
• Reliance Jiophone captured more than 90% of the Global 4G featurephone market during the quarter. The demand for JioPhone continued through Q2 2018.
• LTE has now replaced 3G smartphones even in sub $50 segment.
• Almost 95% of the smartphones shipped globally now are LTE capable. With LTE now being a default technology in entry-level smartphones, we have witnessed the growth of VoLTE phones in sub $100 segment as operators are now offering VoLTE services in the emerging markets.

Table of Contents:

Pivot Chart by Brand
Pivot Chart by Geography
Asia Pacific
Key Asian Countries
North America
Western Europe
Central & Eastern Europe
Key European Countries
Central & Latin America
Key Central & Latin America Countries
Middle East & Africa
Key Middle East & Africa Countries

Author: Shobhit Srivastava 
Date Published: August 2018

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