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  • Global Tablet Shipments: 2010Q1 - 2017 Q4
  • Mar 8, 2018

Counterpoint research is closely tracking tablet market since its inception on a quarterly basis. With focus on key manufacturers we are analysing global tablet industry by various segments. This report contains global tablet shipments and market share of tablet manufacturers by all major operating systems from Q1 2010 - Q4 2017

  • Global Tablet Shipment declined 9 % YoY in 2017. However, in Q4 2017, it grew 12 % QoQ due to the effect of holiday season.
  • Apple is leading Global Tablet Shipment with 26 % market share and 3 % YoY growth in 2017. iPad net sales increased during 4Q 2017 by 6 % YoY due primarily to a different mix of iPads with higher average selling prices.
  • Samsung remained in the No. 2 spot with 15 % market share. However, it declined 6 % YoY in 2017.
  • After its strong promotional campaign in the third quarter of 2017, Amazon turned less aggressive about marketing its tablets in the 4Q 2017. However, Amazon is one of the fastest growing brands in the declining tablet market and remained at the 3rd spot with 8% market share in 2017.
  • Huawei climb up to the 4th spot replacing Lenovo with 7.7 % market share and 27 % YoY growth in 2017.The major area of operation for Huawei was China and Europe with 38 % and 32 % shipment share respectively in Q4 2017.

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Author: Satyajit Sinha
Published Date: March 2018

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