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  • Mobile Devices monitor - Q2 2013
  • Aug 31, 2013

Regional Quarterly Report for Q2 2013 : Mobile Devices


Global mobile handset market grew 5% annually to reach 407.6 million units shipment in Q2 2013. The sequential surge in shipments can be attributed to positive annual demand in mobile handset shipments across North America, China and other Asian markets.
Samsung remained the star performer capturing more than a quarter of the market and shipping volumes almost equal to the next three OEMs (Apple + Nokia + LG) combined.
However, at the end of Q2 2013 we estimate some channel inventory buildup which will slow down shipments in first half of Q3 2013 as latter part of Q3 2013 will see newer product launches from OEMs to gear up for the holiday season quarter.

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  1. Mobile Handsets
  2. Smartphone
    • Samsung
    • Apple
    • Nokia
    • LG
    • ZTE / Huawei / Lenovo
    • Sony (Sony Ericsson)

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