Quarterly Device Tracker Standard reports

  • MOBILE DEVICES MONITOR – Q1 2018 (Vendor Region Countries)
  • May 11, 2018

This report is one of the series of reports which tracks mobile handset: Smartphone & Feature Phone shipments every quarter for more than 140 brands covering more than 95% of the total device shipments in the industry. 

  • Global mobile phone shipments reached 496 million units globally in Q1 2018 with a YoY growth of 6% driven by growth in featurephone shipments.
  • Global smartphone shipments reached 360 million units in Q1 2018 with 3% annual decline due to a slow-down in developed markets where replacement cycles are lengthening with overall smartphone features and design reaching its peak.
  • Featurephone shipments increased annually and sequentially due to increase in shipments in India and MEA. Feature phones have been driven by the disruptive entry of Jiophone, which expanded the feature phone segment and became the leading featurephone brand in India in just one quarter.
  • Top 10 OEMs almost contribute to 78% of the global smartphone market.

Table of Content
Pivot Chart by Brand
Pivot Chart by Geography
Asia Pacific
Key Asian Countries
North America
Western Europe
Central & Eastern Europe
Key European Countries
Central & Latin America
Key Central & Latin America Countries
Middle East & Africa
Key Middle East & Africa Countries

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