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  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Total Recall
  • Oct 19, 2016

The issues affecting the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have made headline news around the world. It’s not the first handset to suffer with exploding batteries, and it’s not even the first among market leaders, but it is the highest profile in recent years and the first to precipitate a global recall and the eventual killing of the product line. In this report, we will dig into how this happened and what the implications are for Samsung and the broader connected devices industry.

In this Report:

  • Timeline of a Crisis: Hero to Zero in Eight Weeks
  • Media Focus
  • Why & How did it happen?
  • Designing Pressure
  • Volume of Units Impacted & Who Benefits?
  • Value
  • Who Benefits? Our Assumptions: Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, Huawei, others
  • Regions & Countries: US, China, India, Europe
  • Learnings from Other Sectors
  • Key Lessons
  • Conclusion

List of Tables & Charts:

  • Exhibit 1: Our Initial Forecast for Samsung & Competitors’ Key Devices 2H16
  • Exhibit 2: Revised Forecast following Samsung’s Decision to Kill Note 7

Number of Pages: 9
Author: Peter Richardson
Published Date: October 2016


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  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - Total Recall.pdf

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