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Smart Mobility Intelligence Tracker February 2023 Edition

Mar 16, 2023 | Author : Soumen Mandal, Abhilash Gupta, Mohit Sharma


The Smart Mobility Intelligence Tracker gives the Counterpoint perspective on a curated collection of recent news and other articles pertaining to the smart mobility ecosystem, including electric vehicles, new model launches, connected cars, telematics, shared mobility, drones, components, ADAS, location platform, autonomous vehicles, policies and more. It gives readers an idea of the current state of affairs in the sector and potential ramifications, helping connect the dots.

Table of Contents:

  • Key Ecosystem Developments
  • New Launches
  • Event Coverage
  • Other Ecosystem Developments
  • Analyst Perspective
    • NXP 2022 Performance
    • AI Voice Assistant Adoption in Cars

Number of Pages: 25

Published Date: March 2023


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