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Infographic: Global Foundry Revenue Share | Q3 2022

Dec 30, 2022 | Author : Team Counterpoint


Foundry Companies’ Share by Revenue
TSMC was the winner in Q3 2022 by gaining 200-300bps of market share, driven by a significant ramp-up of 4/5nm products including new iPhones AP (A16) and AMD/NVIDIA’s new HPC chips. Samsung’s sales were negatively impacted by the order cuts for Android smartphone SoCs and GPUs. Other foundries, including UMC, GF and SMIC, were relatively stable on both utilization rate and average wafer price during the quarter. Some wafer demand declined sharply, like in the case of DDIC and low-end CIS, lowering the sales on legacy 8-inch foundry vendors.

Foundry Revenue Share by Technology Nodes
5/4nm replaced 7/6nm as the largest technology nodes in Q3 2022 foundry sales, as TSMC contributed over 80% of 5/4nm sales. On the other hand, we observed the weakness of 7/6nm due
to slowing mid-end smartphone and discrete GPU (dGPU) sell-through in the supply chain as the inventory correction cycle seemed just in the beginning. For matured nodes, demand on 22/28nm stayed solid due to increasing new applications/new products, including wireless, MCU and driver ICs.

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Published Date: December 2022


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