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Counterpoint Macro Report - Featured Topics of Q3 2022

Nov 9, 2022 | Author : Archie Zhang, Mathew Orf, Priya Joseph, William Li, Ahmad Danburam, Moumen Badawi, Yang Wang


Q3 2022 was a momentous period in the global tech environment. Our Macro team has deep-dived into a number of important topics including US policy landscape entering the mid-term elections season, China manufacturing updates, India tech device manufacturing updates, the latest scenes from the PC market and the Europe energy crisis.

Table of Contents:

  • Featured Topic 1 - US Policy Update

  • Featured Topic 2 - China’s Tech Manufacturing Landscape

  • Featured Topic 3 - India Smartphone Market Conditions, and ‘Make in India’ Update

  • Featured Topic 4 - Global PC Market Landscape

  • Featured Topic 5 - Energy Supply and EV Transition in Europe

  • Authors, Copyright, User Agreement, and Other General Information

Number of Pages: 90

Published Date: November 2022


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