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  • Automotive Supply Chain- Focusing To Electric and Computing Technology
  • Sep 9, 2016

We expect the automotive supply chain to shift away from its traditional IC engine powertrain focus to electric powertrain and advanced computing technology to support autonomous navigation. This report provides an overview of suppliers for the latter, including automotive insurance providers, which we expect to come under pressure to demonstrate relevance in the evolving order of self-driving cars.

We are developing a series of proprietary reports that analyse the rapidly evolving self-driving car market in detail. Some questions that we seek to answer in future reports include:

  • What is the regulatory landscape for self-driving car?
  • How will self-driving cars and associated advanced ride-sharing services potentially affect adjacent markets like automobile insurance?
  • What will be the potential nature and magnitude of disruptive impact on the automotive industry from self-driving cars?
  • What types of investments can individuals or institutions make to capitalize on self-driving car industry dynamics?

Download the report for more details.

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