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  • Repairability Index - Pushing Circular Economy in Europe
  • Apr 6, 2021


From January 1, 2021, the French government requires manufacturers and sellers to communicate to consumers the “repairability” score (out of 10) of their devices based on several criteria. The product lines covered under the index include washing machines, smartphones, televisions, laptops, and electric lawnmowers. The aim is to promote a circular economy, reduce e-waste and increase the longevity of devices.

Over the last few years, Europe has been at the forefront of implementing measures to curb e-waste and promote a more circular economy. France’s repairability index is a step further in this direction.

This report analyses the repairability index in France, its implications, future, and where it fits in the overall plan of Europe to curb electronic waste and promote sustainable development.

This report will be useful for anyone who is trying to understand the implications of repairability index and various development in Europe towards a sustainable economy, which affects the electronics industry.

Number of Pages: 6
Author: Varun Mishra
Published Date: April 2021

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  • Repairability Index - Pushing Circular Economy in Europe.pdf

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