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eSIM-Capable Device Installed Base to Reach 4.3 Billion by 2025

Jul 23, 2020 | Author : Neil Shah, Satyajit Sinha


Cellular connectivity is the pivotal technology powering a global-scale digital transformation. With more than two billion mobile devices sold every year, these devices rely upon cellular connectivity to drive communication, collaboration, commerce, content consumption and creation. The SIM is the key enabling technology that harnesses the connectivity in the mobile device for a secure and ubiquitous connected experience. However, the rapid evolution of the SIM from a traditional plug-in card to an embedded (eSIM) form-factor is not only revolutionizing the mobile users’ connectivity experience, but also driving significant cost savings and unlocking new revenue generation opportunities for operators and other stakeholders. The migration to eSIM is already happening and is being driven by the world’s leading device manufacturers, operators and traditional SIM vendors. The adoption of eSIM has already reached mass market levels for diverse applications including connected cars, enterprise IoT modules, consumer IoT devices such as smartwatches, asset trackers and, of course, smartphones. The adoption in high-ARPU devices such as smartphones is critical and already reaching mainstream. This calls for those operators who are not yet eSIM-ready to jump on the eSIM bandwagon to save costs, improve customer activation experiences and to capitalize on new revenue generation opportunities.

Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • The Rise of eSIM
  • eSIM Benefits & Oppotunities
  • Key Takeaways

Number of Pages: 10
Author: Neil Shah and Satyajit Sinha
Published Date: July 2020


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