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  • Infographic: Q2-2015| Mobile Market Monitor
  • Sep 21, 2015

Our Q2-2015 Market Monitor report has been published. We publish one infographic each quarter to summarize the handset and smartphone market activities in a single page.The report tracks more than 75 vendors' shipments every quarter.

  • The global mobile phone industry shipments grew 5% YoY.
  • Middle East Africa was the fastest growing region -- it grew 7 times faster than global.
  • One in every five mobile phone shipped globally is a Samsung.
  • Huawei became the world’s third largest handset vendor surpassing Microsoft.
  • Asus shipments grew 5X from a year ago to become the fastest growing brand, followed by Vivo, that grew 4X compared to a year ago
  • 3 out of 4 mobile phone shipped on planet is a smartphone.
  • Excluding Samsung, Apple now generates more smartphone revenues than the all other players combined
  • One in two smartphones shipped globally is LTE capable.
  • US and China together contributed two-thirds of all LTE smartphones
  • LTE Smartphone shipments grew 4X in china and 12x in India annually

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