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  • Chinese Apps Caught in India-China Standoff
  • Jun 30, 2020


India and China are the two biggest smartphone markets in the world. Together they account for 37% of all the smartphones sold in the world. They have enjoyed good relations in recent years as far as smartphones are concerned. Chinese smartphone players have been embraced by Indian audiences as well as apps like Tik Tok and UC Browser have been extremely popular in India. In fact share of Chinese smartphone, brands have reached a record 81% during Q1 2020. This is the highest ever share of Chinese brands in any market outside India.

However, with the recent border row, the relationship between the countries is at an edge. After the unfortunate 15th June incident, India has taken certain steps that highlight India’s ambitions to go more local. In a recent announcement, 59 Chinese apps were banned by Indian Govt citing security reasons on 29th June.

Number of Pages: 2
Author: Tarun Pathak and Ankit Malhotra
Published Date: June 2020

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