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  • Storage Demand for 5G Mobile Applications
  • May 10, 2020


The next phase of mobile device development will be characterized by the combination of 5G, new form-factors, and rich content consumption and creation. 5G will bring more complexity where each mobile device is expected to generate as well as consume several times more data than current devices. Higher 5G throughputs will drive richer content streaming such as realtime gaming. More advanced AI applications will add further complexity to the choice of storage. Considering storage early in the design phase to improve the performance of edge computing will be increasingly important.

Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary 
  • How 5G mobile devices will evolve 
  • 5G is Shaping Mobile Devices and Triggering New Applications 
  • New Functions of 5G Mobile Devices 
  • New Use-Cases Enabled by 5G
  • Opportunity for storage players 
  • Performance Comparison Between Interface 
  • Conclusion & Recommendations 

Number of Pages: 15
Author: Brady Wang
Published Date: May 2020

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