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  • Oppo Was the No. 1 Brand in India in Hybrid-Zoom Capability in Q2 and Q3 2019
  • Feb 28, 2020


According to a Consumer Lens study conducted by Counterpoint Research, a better camera is among the top three most important features for future smartphone purchases. Longer battery life and better processor are the other two most desired features. Further, 40% of smartphone users expressed a preference for hybrid zoom in their next smartphone. The report reflects Oppo’s journey to becoming a leader in smartphone camera innovation in India. It highlights that Oppo turned out to be the No.1 quad-camera brand in the offline channel in 2019. Also, Oppo was the No.1 brand in hybrid zoom capability in Q2 and Q3 2019.

Table of Content:

  • Oppo Smartphone Camera Innovation
  • Device Specification for Future Smartphone Purchase
  • Smartphone Camera Lens Sales Share
  • Zoom camera in Smartphone
  • Methodology


This is a sponsored study, conducted by Counterpoint Research, to help the brand measure its contribution towards smartphone camera innovation in the Indian market. To understand consumer behavior, we conducted a survey under the Counterpoint Consumer Lens program. The survey was conducted through an online survey platform targeted towards respondents aged between 18-35 years who use smartphones priced at INR 10,000 or above – those that typically have good quality cameras. The sample size of the survey was 1000+ respondents spread across India.

Author: Pavel Naiya and Arushi Chawla
Published Date: February 2020

Attached Files

  • Oppo was the No. 1 brand in India in hybrid-zoom capability in Q2 and Q3 2019.pdf

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