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  • Qualcomm 5G Summit: Showcases 5G Ecosystem Progress and Prowess
  • Nov 28, 2019


Counterpoint analysts were one of the select few analysts invited for Qualcomm 5G Summit in Barcelona in October 2019. It’s one of the premier mobile industry event and we gathered first-hand insights from Qualcomm and from our interactions with key 5G value chain players from components, to devices, to connectivity, to cloud. The event was attended by 1000+ industry players with keynotes, sessions and workshops with more than 120+ speakers. Some prominent keynotes included, docomo, BT, Ericsson, Nokia, TSMC, Xiaomi, Rakuten, Samsung Foundry, TIM, Microsoft & others. A lot of the current 5G progress, challenges, approaches, forward-looking trends and commercialization scenarios were shared and discussed by the ecosystem players during the event. Qualcomm showcased its industry leading 5G portfolio, progress and ecosystem prowess to accelerate 5G adoption globally.

Table of Contents:

  • Qualcomm 5G Summit : The Premier Smart Devices & IoT Ecosystem Industry Event 
  • Qualcomm Leads the 5G Acceleration Globally with 230+ Design Wins
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

Published Date: November, 2019
Author: Neil Shah
Number of Pages: 15

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  • Qualcomm 5G Summit - Top Ten Key Takeaways For the Industry.pdf

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