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  • LATAM Mobile Devices Sales Channel Analysis: The Rise of the Open Channel
  • Jul 6, 2019


The LATAM mobile devices market’s sales channel landscape has been going through significant changes in the last few years. From being an operator channel dominated market, it has turned into an open channel market. As a result, operators have been slowly changing their business model from a device driven business to focus mainly on being a service provider.

This short report tracks the changing trends of the sales channel for mobile devices in the LATAM region over the last few years. The reports compares date from the period of Q1 2016 till Q1 2019. The report provides an in-depth analysis of the mobile device market share by sales channel and highlights the top five brands share by channel. It also accounts the online vs. offline split in the total handset market to provide a holistic outlook to the market. 

This report is intended for use by individuals and organizations to understand the market scenario and development in LATAM's mobile device market. This report is useful for ecosystem players like vendors, OEMs, operators, retailsers to keep a close eye on the mobile device market.

Table of Contents:

  • Overview
  • Channel Performance in LATAM
  • LATAM Operator Channel
  • Top Channels Targetted By Brands
  • Online vs. Offline
  • Outlook

Number of pages: 8
Author: Tina Lu
Published Date: July 2019

Attached Files

  • The Rise of the Open Channel in LATAM.pdf

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