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  • Lenovo is serious about Blackberry - they have a clear objective
  • Mar 20, 2013

Lenovo is not just a PC company based out of China anymore.
8 years after the acquisition of the IBM personal computer business it is now a close No. 2 in the PC industry.
This is one of the few successful acquisitions by an Asian company.

With the PC industry eclipsing and everything going mobile, Lenovo seems to have put its eye on another North American company.
Lenovo did make the mistake of selling off its then quite successful mobile handset division but it soon bought it back. We investigate what Lenovo's objective is and what they will be able to achieve.

* Table of Contents

  1. Lenovo - the international consumer brand from China
  2. How good it their handset business - a quick evaluation
  3. Why Blackberry?
  4. What Lenovo will be achieving and how it will affect the industry
  5. Predictions and recommendations

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