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XR (VR & AR) Market Forecast Insights, Nov 2021 Edition

Nov 10, 2021 | Author : Harmeet Singh Walia


The global XR market is expected to cross 100 million annual units in shipment by 2025. The VR market is currently dominated by gaming devices which form a significant portion of the current XR market. VR is expected to continue seeing a healthy annual growth rate, enabling it to cross annual shipments of over 60 million by 2025. The AR Market, on the other hand, is in rather nascent stages. Major use cases for AR devices, particularly AR Standalone devices, are in the niche enterprise segment. This is unlikely to change in the near future. AR Tethered devices, however, will likely see a major push with the rumoured entry of Apple in the segment, helping take the AR market closer to the 50 million annual shipment mark by 2025.

Table of Contents:

·        Counterpoint definitions of VR, AR and XR

·        ​XR Market Overview

·        ​Global XR Shipment and Revenue Forecast by Region

·        ​Global XR Shipment and Revenue Forecast by Device Type

·        ​Global XR Shipment and Revenue Forecast by Brand

·        ​Global XR Shipment and Revenue Forecast by User Type

·        ​Impact of 5G Expansion and the Growth of Non-AR Smart Glasses on XR

Number of Pages: 14

Author: Harmeet Singh Walia


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