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India Manufacturing Policy Report Q2 2021

Sep 15, 2021 | Author : Priya Joseph


The past quarter of 2021, has seen some dynamic moves in the policy environment of the country. Be it the release of Drone Policy Rules 2021, Production Linked Incentives Schemes, State Level Electric Vehicle Policies, Export Promotion Schemes or even the Recommendations from SCALE committee for Value addition & Exports. We have even seen some great state level initiatives in India and vision for the overall development of the manufacturing and technology systems of the country – the latest entrant being the state of Jharkhand. A state usually synonymous with mineral reserves like coal and iron ore is now set to capitalise on its strength by entering the ESDM market.

The trends in the past months have been true to the overall objective of the Indian government’s goal of enhancing its capacity in value addition, reducing import bills and encouraging exports. We saw developments in almost all these segments despite the ongoing chip crisis and geopolitical tensions or even the supply chain disruptions due to covid-19. What holds significance is how these measures will spill over its benefits in the coming few months. Making India the next best alternative at the global supply chain platform and also chasing its dream of becoming self reliant (Aatmanirbhar Bharat - Indian name for self reliant) country. It will be crucial to see who leads the era, at an age where we see a need to both protect and integrate economies for faster and better adoption of Technology and Innovation.

Table of Contents:

  • Ongoing Key State Level Policies
  • Recent State level Policy Updates
  • Export Promotion Scheme
  • Government Measures in Overall Tech Policy Ecosystem
  • Sectoral Initiatives in Manufacturing Ecosystem
  • PLI Update
  • Policies in Pipeline 2021

Number of Pages: 17
Published Date: September 2021  


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