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India Manufacturing Ecosystem Update 2020 Q3

Nov 11, 2020 |


India is rapidly becoming a manufacturing and export hub for mobile phones. All the major mobile phone players are now manufacturing their mobile phones in India. Driven by the Phased Manufacturing Program (PMP) under the Make in India initiative by the Government of India, mobile phone manufacturing in India is poised to grow at a rapid rate. The recent incentive schemes by the government such as PLI, SPECS and EMC 2.0 are also contributing to the expansion of mobile manufacturing in India.

This report entails the total mobile phone production data by brand, export data by brand as well as shipments by manufacturing mode. This report also includes key OEM-EMS mapping, information about mobile phone production plants, and import duties on SKD components.

Table of Contents:

  1. India Quarterly Handset Shipments by Broad Category (Chinese vs Global vs India) by Brands
  2. India Mobile Production by Local Consumption vs Export by Top Brands
  3. India Quarterly Shipments by Manufacturing Mode (CBU vs SKD vs CKD) by Top Brands
  4. Mobile Phone Production Plants List with Manufacturing Capacity and Output, SMT and Assembly Lines, etc.
  5. OEM EMS Mapping
  6. Handset Import Duty on SKD

Author: Prachir Singh
Number of Pages: 7
Publish Date: November 2020

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