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Vendor Profile: Huami

Sep 9, 2020 |


This report profiles one of the largest players in smartwatch in the world, Huami. The company has been leading in smartwatch / smartband manufacturing (ODM) and also owns the popular smartwatch brand, Amazfit. Huami is also a cloud-based healthcare services provider with world-leading smart wearable technology.

Table of Contents:

  • Company Overview
  • Inception and Timeline
  • Value Chain
  • Relationship with Xiaomi
  • Historical revenue chart since 2015 with Xiaomi’s contribution
  • The brief product portfolio of Amazfit (Top products and their share in the total shipment)
  • COVID-19 Impact and initiatives
  • Future Prospects

Number of Pages: 12
Author: Debasish Jana
Published Date: September 2020

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