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CORE Evaluation & Analysis : World's Leading 20 IoT Platforms Research

May 27, 2020 |


Counterpoint Research has completed its latest in-depth analysis using its proprietary CORE (COmpetitive Rankings & Evaluation) framework evaluating the leading 20 IoT platform players on more than 35 capabilities and ecosystem success parameters highlighting completeness, comprehensiveness, and competitiveness.To better understand the evolution, positioning, platform strategy, and competence of the various IoT platforms, Counterpoint has analyzed and evaluated key IoT platforms ranging from cloud-first to edge-first. The research helps industry stakeholders gain insights on the leading IoT platforms and their unique capabilities, limitations, partnerships, successful deployments, reach, and outlook. This report highlights the leading IoT platforms scorecard using our proprietary CORE framework.

Table of Contents:


  • Introduction
  • Methodology & Evaluation Criteria
  • CORE Scorecard, Leaderboard & Capability Analysis
  • CORE Analysis: Platform Completeness
  • Edge IoT
  • Edge IoT Components
  • Edge Data Processing
  • Edge Orchestration
  • Cloud IoT
  • Cloud IoT Components
  • Integration & Scalability
  • Application Enablement
  • Performance
  • Business Performance
  • Ecosystem Growth
  • Roadmap & Outlook
  • CORE Analysis:  Platform Competitiveness
  • Capabilities Focus
  • Verticals Focus
  • Geographic Reach
  • Partnerships
  • Key Takeaways


  • CORE Analysis: Platform Comprehensiveness 
  • Microsoft Azure IoT
  • AWS IoT
  • IBM Watson IoT
  • Google Cloud IoT
  • Baidu AIoT
  • Cumulocity IoT
  • WebNMS IoT
  • SAP Leonardo 
  • PTC ThingWorx
  • ARM Pelion
  • Losant IoT
  • Clearblade IoT
  • FogHorn IoT
  • Nutanix Xi IoT
  • Altair Smartworks
  • Cisco Kinect IoT

​Author: Falguni Shah
Number of Pages: 51 and 141
Published Date: May 2020

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