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  • Global Refurbished Handset Tracker Update 2019H2
  • May 9, 2020

Overview: Excel document accompanying the written powerpoint analysis of the global refurbished market. The report is useful for the used mobile phone ecosystem players, smartphone OEMs, Companies powering device trade-in, Smartphone accessories players. Companies looking to enter the refurb market and any enterprise who wants to understand the global refurb market.

Table of Contents          

  • Preowned-Refurbished Flow
  • Refurb Source Chart
  • Refurb Source Pivot
  • Refurb Source FF
  • Refurb Consumption Chart
  • Refurb Comsumption Pivot
  • Refurb Consumption Data
  • Refurb Consumption FF
  • Refurb OEM ASP Pivot
  • Refurb OEM ASP Data
  • Refurb OEM ASP FF
  • Best Selling Smartphones

Authors: Jeff Fieldhack, Varun Mishra, Tarun Pathak

Attached Files

  • Refurb Handset Tracker Update 2019H2.xlsb

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