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  • Global Handset Profit Share Analysis - Q2 2019
  • Aug 16, 2019


Overall handset profits declined 20% YoY, reaching USD 7.8 billion in Q2 2019. The replacement cycle for premium smartphones has increased as recent hardware features were unable to offer an attractive reason to upgrade

This report covers an in-depth and detailed analysis of Global handset profit analysis. This report also includes the top profitable models during the quarter.

Table of Contents:

  • Global Handset Revenue vs Profit
  • Global Handset Profit Share vs Revenue Share
  • Global Handset Profit Margins
  • Global Handset Profit per Model

Number of Pages: 7
Author: Karn Chauhan
Published Date: Aug 2019

Attached Files

  • Global Handset Profit Analysis 2019 Q2.xlsx
  • Global Handset Profit Report 2019 Q2.pdf

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