Hit Model Database Top 99%

  • Global Handset models sales database Q4 2012
  • Feb 28, 2013

Aggregated from the top 1,000 models sold in 22 countries and  500 brands with Price data (transfer price) this database provides the full list of Global hit models of handsets and smartphone along with the actual sales data.

It is a powerful tool for product planning and marketing. Analyze the market at the model level now to get the complete picture.

Table of Contents

  • Handset sales by model
  • Handset shipment estimates by model
  • Trade Price by each model (wholesale price)
  • Key hardware specifications (camera, processor, network, display etc)
  • Country and regional differences (China, USA, Japan etc)

Attached Files

  • Global Hit Model database_2012Q4.xls

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