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Western Europe Foldable Market Analysis 2022 H1

Nov 18, 2022 | Author : Jene Park


Western Europe foldable market shows 0.7 m units in H1 2022, showing 127% YoY growth. Even though the Western Europe smartphone market’s total sales volume declined 6% YoY in H1 2022 to 56.1 million units.

This change was due to the consumption polarization* in Western Europe and consumer preference for foldable smartphones. Consumers were attracted by the larger screens and new form factor.

Table of Contents: 

  • Western Europe smartphone sell-in trends
  • Western Europe foldable smartphone sell-in, H1 2022
  • Western Europe foldable smartphone sell-in by OEM, H1 2022
  • Western Europe foldable smartphone sell-in trends by folding type
  • Western Europe foldable smartphone ASP Trends
  • Western Europe foldable smartphone market long-term forecast

Number of Pages: 7

Published Date: November 2022


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