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  • Applications of China Voice Assistant in Consumer Market – Smart Home and Smartphone
  • Nov 24, 2018


Recently, with strong support from the government under China’s ‘National Development Policy’ and the growing market demands from industry verticals, the Chinese voice recognition ecosystem is developing rapidly. Major Chinese technology giants including IFLYTEK, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, have joined the game, deploying substantial financial and R&D resources to develop the technology and expand the ecosystem through partnerships. The value of the voice recognition market in China is expected to exceed CNY 25 billion (~USD 4 billion) in 2020.  Use cases of voice assistant for consumer sector have also emerged, with smart home and smartphone being the major applications. The report also provides profiles for leading technology players in China and outlines their initiatives in AI technologies.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction of China Voice Recognition Market
  • Market Overview
  • Sizing of the China Voice Recognition Market
  • Voice recognition use cases
    • Smart Home Applications
    • Smartphone Applications
  • Appendix: Profiles of Key Technology Players
    • Alibaba
    • Baidu
    • Tencent
    • iFlytek
    • JD.com

Number of Pages: 10
Author: Mengmeng Zhang, Flora Tang​
Published Date: December 2018

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  • Application of China AI Voice Assistant in Consumer Market.pdf

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