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  • AI Company Profile: iFLYTECH
  • Jan 3, 2018

In this PowerPoint-style report, Counterpoint profiles one of the leading players in artificial intelligence in China, iFLYTECH. The company has been a leader in voice processing for many years but is now developing a broader set of competences in artificial intelligence. While it is widely know in China, it generates the vast majority of its revenues in the domestic Chinese market. This represents both a threat and an opportunity to the industry and, more specifically, iFLYTECH itself. 


Table of Contents:


Executive Summary

Section I:  iFLYTEK Introduction

1.1 A Brief History of iFLYTEK

1.2 Technology Expansion Overview

1.3 Current Achievements and Statistics


Section II: Core Competitive Technologies

2.1 Speech Synthesis

2.2 Speech Recognition

2.3 Semantic Understanding

2.4 Microphone Array


Section III: Major B2C Product Offerings

3.1 Translation

3.2 Mobile

3.3 Automobile

3.4 Home Technology


Section IV:  Major B2B Product Offerings in Vertical Markets

4.1 Education

4.2 Healthcare

4.3 Customer Service


Section V: Corporate Strategy

5.1 From Speech Leader to A.I. Ecosystem Builder

5.2 Open AIUI (Artificial Intelligence User Interface)


Attached Files

  • AI Company Profiles_iFLYTEK.pdf

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