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Private Networks Tracker: Market Sizing & Forecasts: 2021-2030, December 2022

Dec 18, 2022 | Author : Gareth Owen


Cellular-based private networks have existed for more than 10 years.  However, the interest in deploying these networks has surged in the past year or so as traditional operators, vendors and other players recognize opportunities to tap into the ongoing enterprise digitalization paradigm. As a result, the ecosystem is expanding rapidly as new players enter the market.

This PPT presentation provides market sizing and multi-year forecasts for the global private networks market divided by vertical, region, technology and spectrum. An overview of the business and technological challenges facing the industry is also presented as well as Counterpoint's key takeaways about the future of the private networks market.

Table of Contents:

  • Overview of Study and Assumptions
  • Introduction & Definitions
  • Market Sizing and Forecasts
  • Global Market Revenues
  • Market by Verticals
    • Definition of Verticals
    • Forecast Revenues by Vertical
    • Key Drivers per Vertical
  • Forecast Revenue by Regions
    • Definition of Regions
    • Forecast Revenue per Region
    • Key Drivers per Region
  • Forecast Revenue by Technology
    • 4G versus 5G
  • Forecast Revenue by Spectrum
    • Sub 6GHz vs Millimeter Wave
  • Key Challenges
  • Key Takeaways

Number of pages: 24

Published Date: December 2022


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