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Dish Gets Ready To Launch Boost Infinite Post-Paid Service

Sep 1, 2022 | Author : Gareth Owen

With its first FCC milestone reached last quarter, Dish announced that its 5G network comprised 5,000 cell sites at its 2Q 2022 earnings call last month The operator is expanding its network rapidly, adding around 1,000 sites per month, and plans to reach around 70% coverage by mid-2023. This will involve deploying around 15,000 cell sites.  
Key highlights during the quarter included the appointment of Samsung as a major radio supplier. Post period, Apple announced that it will include Dish’s Band 70 frequencies in its latest iPhone 14 model, a major boost for Dish The operator is now preparing for the launch of its first post-paid service, Boost Infinite.
This report provides a detailed insight of Dish’s 2Q 2022 results, highlighting key developments, together with an outlook of the company's prospects for the rest of the year.  

Table of Contents

  • Snapshot
  • Key Earnings Data
  • Samsung: More than a Radio Vendor?
  • Spectrum News
  • Handset Availability
  • Business Strategy Update
    • Enterprise Market
    • Post-Paid Retail
    • Fixed Wireless Access
    • re-Paid Retail
  • Key Takeaways 

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Published Date: September 2022


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