Emerging Tech Hearables (TWS)

  • Global Hearables (TWS) Market Tracker and Analysis by Region: Q3 2020
  • Nov 25, 2020


The global TWS market grew 24% QoQ in Q3 2020 in terms of sales unit. Continued content growth and rising mobile video consumption by millennials helped drive demand. Low to mid priced brands continued to expand their market position, especially in North America and China. These reports provide the global TWS market data by region/brand/model and help to understand the competitive landscape by region.  

Excel report - Table of Contents:

  • Global Hearables (TWS) Market by Region
  • Global Hearables (TWS) Market by Brand
  • Global Hearables (TWS) Market by Model

PDF report - Table of Contents:

  • Key Takeaways
  • Global Hearables (TWS) Market by Brand
  • Global Hearables (TWS) Market by Region
  • Global Top 10 Hit Models
  • Brand Share by Price Band
  • Major Region Landscape
  • Q3 Highlights

Number of Pages: 15 
Author: Liz Lee
Published Date: November 2020  

Attached Files

  • Global Hearables (TWS) Market Tracker for Q3 2020.xlsx
  • Global Hearables (TWS) Market Analysis for Q3 2020.pdf

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