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Emerging Tech AI

  • Tencent’s AI+Healthcare Ambitions
  • Nov 17, 2020


AI is seen as a solution to addressing long term challenges facing China’s healthcare sector including short supply of doctors, urban/rural imbalances and an aging population. Government initiatives are a driving force behind AI+Healthcare growth and Tencent was selected as one of the inaugural members of it’s AI ‘national team’; it is now building a national, open AI platform for medical imaging and diagnostics.

This report provides an overview of China’s AI+Healthcare ecosystem and applications, with a focus on Tencent’s key AI technologies, products and solutions, market presence and competitive advantages in the sector.   

Table of Contents:

  • Corporate Snapshot​
  • Why Tencent Prioritizes AI+Healthcare
  • 5 Key AI+Healthcare Applications
  • China’s AI+Healthcare Ecosystem
  • Milestones
  • Key Strategies
  • Key AI Technologies in Healthcare
  • AI Products and Solutions​
  • Clients & Partnerships​
  • AI+Healthcare Startup Investments
  • Competitive Strengths​ in AI+Healthcare
  • Challenges​
  • Key Takeaways​

Number of Pages: 26
Author: Wei Sun
Published Date: November 2020

Attached Files

  • Tencent’s AI Healthcare Ambitions.pdf

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