Emerging Tech Hearables (TWS)

  • Global Hearables (TWS) Market Tracker and Analysis by Region: Q2 2020
  • Sep 8, 2020


The global true wireless hearables market saw a recovery, growing 18% after a sluggish 1Q20 on pandemic woes. The largest market, North America, accounted for 36% of the global market in unit sales, growing 19% QoQ. China grew fastest at 35% QoQ, accounting for a 14% share. The pandemic was positive for budget segment growth, and US and Chinese brands did well here. These reports provide the global TWS market data by region/brand/model and help to understand the competitive landscape by region.  

Excel report - Table of Contents:

  • Global Hearables (TWS) Market by Region
  • Global Hearables (TWS) Market by Brand
  • Global Hearables (TWS) Market by Model

PDF report - Table of Contents:

  • Key Takeaways
  • Global Hearables (TWS) Market by Brand
  • Global Hearables (TWS) Market by Region
  • Global Top 10 Hit Models
  • Brand Share by Price Band
  • Major Region Landscape
  • Q2 Highlights

Number of Pages: 15 
Author: Liz Lee
Published Date: Aug 31 2020  


Attached Files

  • Global Hearables (TWS) Market Tracker for Q2 2020.xlsx
  • Global Hearables (TWS) Market Analysis for Q2 2020.pdf

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