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  • UBTech's Humanoid Robots - Leveraging Consumer Robot Success to Target Enterprise Market
  • May 28, 2020


UBTech is one of the leading robotics companies targeting the B2C and B2B robot markets and offers a range of robots customised to meet the specific requirements of the education, entertainment, hospitality, retail and surveillance markets.

Table of Contents:

  • Corporate Snapshot
  • Company Strategy
  • Target Markets
  • Financial Performance
  • Key Technology Advantages
  • Products and Applications:
  • -Alpha Series Robots
  • -Jimu Series Robots
  • -IP Robots
  • -Cruzr Robots
  • -Walker
  • Future Markets for UBTech Robots
  • Key Competitors
  • Major Clients & Partnerships
  • Competitive Strengths
  • Key Challenges
  • Key Takeaways & Conclusions

Number of Pages: 29
Authors: Wei Sun, Gareth Owen

Attached Files

  • UBTech Robotics.pdf

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